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Puppy Raising

A bit about Kim

I've had Border Collies for 20 years doing obedience, conformation (on one BC), agility and herding. I am a professional dog trainer and own and operate The Dogs Spot. I have been in business since 2000. I have earned 5 Obedience Trial Championships, on two Dobermans, one Belgian Tervuren, one Golden Retriever and one Border Collie. I have also put an AKC Herding Championship on a Border Collie and I currently compete in USBCHA herding. I run dogs from the open level and down. I believe in giving puppies lots of different experiences and opportunities to grow mentally and become self sufficient with life coping skills that will serve them for their entire lives.

Puppy Raising: About Me


The puppies are whelped in a large whelping box set up in our spare bathroom. The small area allows me to control the rooms temperature which is vital to newborns. There is a scale for twice daily weigh ins and plenty of room for momma and pups to be comfortable. The pups and Mom stay in this space until the pups are between 3-4 weeks old.


From 3 weeks on

Once the pups are three weeks or older, are moving about and are ready to escape the whelping box they are moved to an x-pen in our den. This location has lots of activity with people and dogs walking by and its where Chris and I sit in the evening to relax and watch TV. There is a doggie door that is opened when they first move to this space that has access to a  potty area that is filled with shavings.


Outside Area

Once the pups are comfortably going in and out the doggie door the flap gets lowered and the outside area gets expanded to include more of the deck. We also start to teach the pups how to safely navigate stairs and once they have that down they get access to the lower puppy yard as well.

Puppy Raising: Services

Lower Puppy Yard

Pups have access via stairs to the lower puppy yard once they can safely navigate the stairs


Pups receive age appropriate socialization with safe dogs and people. They are exposed to different surfaces, locations, people and animals.They get to eat on different surfaces and in different places. The pups leave here, confident in themselves.

Puppy Raising: Services

Different Eating locations

Play Sessions

Puppy Raising: Services
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