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Satisfied Owners. Happy Border Collies


In 2019 I began searching for my next Border Collie. I wanted a female that could be my next sport competition dog - I compete in herding and agility- but I also wanted a bitch that had potential to be a foundation bitch for me. I searched for several months, interviewing breeders, being interviewed by breeders and researching pedigree after pedigree! A friend of mine announced that he had a litter he was expecting fall 2019! This could be it I thought! And then he offered up that the litter sister to his bitch was also pregnant! I decided to take a look at both litters pedigrees and was beyond excited to see the pedigree on the jumpstart bc’s website for the Dash x Creed litter! This was the pedigree I had been searching for!!!!! The perfect combination of sport and herding lines, lovely structure on both parents and they had working titles too! As if I wasn’t excited enough I sent a message to Kim and she responded quickly, leading to a wonderful conversation. A few weeks later puppies were born and Kim reached out to me letting me know one was mine if I was still interested! Kim made the whole process of choosing, purchasing and shipping my puppy seamless and stress free. She also did a fantastic job raising the litter! My puppy has zero sound or motion sensitivity, she LOVES people and other dogs, and is beyond appropriate in her interactions with other dogs. I am a dog trainer and deal with many dogs who have aggression or reactivity issues and have used her for a few lessons and even at the age of 6 months she is able to handle herself in such a way as to keep herself calm and diffuse the stress of the situation encouraging the other dog to also calm down. Her athleticism is beyond words and her structure is  perfect. She is exactly what I told Kim i was looking for in our first conversation! I cannot recommend Kim and her dogs enough!

Christina Patriquin and Story


I was lucky enough to get a pup, Tybee, from Kim in 2019 from the Dash and Creed litter.  I can't say enough good things about Kim and my pup.  Kim did a great job of raising the pups and picking a pup who fit into my household.  Kim has been very supportive and has answered any questions I have had.  
Tybee is the most confident dog I have ever owned. I attribute this to good genetics and Kim's excellent puppy raising skills.  Tybee is  a "thinker" and studies new situations to figure out what is expected of her. I love this personality trait in her. She has been a quick study in both obedience and agility.   Her temperament is stellar.  As a result,  she loves all people and other dogs. Tybee is going to be so much fun to show in both obedience and agility.

Nancy Ripperger and Tybee


I have had rescues up until getting Storm from Kim and Jumpstart BCs in Nov 2019. It was a journey to choose a breeder for my first puppy and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Kim did a great job raising the Dash x Creed litter. Storm’s temperament is amazing. I have gotten so many compliments from Day 1 about what a nice dog he is. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for our journey together.

Pam Schiffleger and Storm

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